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dees_graphics's Journal

My Attempt at Graphic Making
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Home of Dee's Graphics
A fallen leaf is nothing more than a summers wave good bye...

» About this journal
This is the new home for all my graphics. Here you will find an assortment of icons from various fandoms and stock images.
» Friending policy
This journal is open to anyone who wants to friend it. I do ask that if you only enjoy the icons then please friend this journal and not my personal one. However, if you see that you and I have similar interests then by all means friend me and I'll friend you back.
» Fandoms
I'm pretty open about fandoms. On my personal profile page you'll see my current fandoms but really anything is fair game.
» Rules
I'm not stingy. I don't mind sharing my icons with others but there are a few rules

1: Credit me
You can credit this journal or my personal one @ tigerdee41_com.

For those who don't know what hot linking is here. Hotlinking is when you use someone elses webspace/webhost/image host to post an image somewhere else. For instance if you viewed the properties on an icon, copy the web address, and link to it or post it somewhere else. Or if you go to a photobucket and copy their addresses out of the bars below the images. To avoid this, download the image to your own computer and upload it to your own photobucket, webspace, or a site like www.imageshack.us. Borrowed this definition from peacefully.
» Credits
Resources can be found HERE and HERE.
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